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“I ended up with this book that looks like a traditional fantasy novel, but isn't in any way.” – Laurie

“I ended up with this book that looks like a traditional fantasy novel, but isn't in any way.” – Laurie

Fire Logic
(Book 1 of the Elemental Logic series)

Book summary

Fire Logic recounts how Zanja na'Tarwein, a fire blood, a tribal woman who speaks for an extinct people, becomes a hinge of history, through intuition, prescience, and dawning desire. By fire logic . . .

  • a smoke addict is more than she seems
  • a seer is discovered in a very unlikely place
  • a Paladin falls in love through a dream
  • a hero of Shaftal is revealed to be a traitor
  • a Truthken learns how badly she can be deceived

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Listen to Chapter 1 read by the book's author, Laurie J. Marks

  • In the border regions of northern Shaftal, the peaks of the mountains loom over hardscrabble farmholds. The farmers there build with stone and grow in stone, and they might even be made of stone themselves, they are so sturdy in the face of the long, bitter winter that comes howling down at them from the mountains.
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Reviews of Fire Logic

  • “Her characters are beautifully drawn, showing tremendous emotional depth and strength as they endure the unendurable and strive always to do the right thing.” – Booklist
  • “A deep and intriguing read.” – Booksense Daily Pick
  • “Contained in Fire Logic are some of the most sensual and tender sexual encounters ever captured on paper. She perfectly portrays the timidity, the lust, the uncertainty, of that first connection and the exultation of discovery. The emotion, so raw and vulnerable, is arresting and humbling.” – ME Reviews
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Readers ask questions about Fire Logic – Laurie Marks answers

Q: Why DO you do all those terrible things to your characters?
A: It's because terrible things happen in war zones, not because I like misery and horror. In fact, I had to rewrite certain scenes many times because I couldn't bring myself to make things as awful as they needed to be.
Q: Who is your favorite character in Fire Logic, and why?
A: Zanja is the character I most identify with, because her way of making sense of the world, through intuition and imagery, is similar to mine. Also, one of the characteristics I most admire in anyone is sheer dogged persistence which, in the face of overwhelming odds, becomes a kind of heroism that seems terribly undervalued. Zanja loses everything--not just people she loves, but her entire culture, history, and reason for being--and yet she is able to transcend her loss and rage and begin her life again. But another character in Fire Logic, Norina Truthken, surprised me. She's a disagreeable, controlling, terrifying person--and yet she ended being marvelously fun to write about.

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