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Water Logic

“In order to learn to write or think well we have to expect to, and be poised to, throw everything away and start over.” – Laurie

“In order to learn to write or think well we have to expect to, and be poised to, throw everything away and start over.” – Laurie

Where to buy

Laurie J. Marks recommends the following bookshops:

DreamHaven Books

912 West Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408-2857
(Online ordering and international delivery.)

DreamHaven specializes in new and used science fiction, fantasy, horror, film and media books, and comic books.

Why does Laurie recommend this bookshop?

The people at DreamHaven Books aren't just booksellers; they're friends of the genre. They don't just offer special programs and services to their loyal customers; they also support writers in some very creative and substantial ways. They are good people. And their bookstore name ends in “haven.”

Islehaven Books & Borzoi

Village Center Building, POB 70
Lopez Island, WA
(No web site, but she happily accepts orders and mails books to people)

Islehaven Books & Borzoi is located on Lopez Island, off the coast of Washington state. They support the local authors, and most Pacific Northwest authors are well represented. They sell children's books, mysteries, maritime, gardening, cooking and, of course, Laurie's books.

Why does Laurie recommend this bookshop?

It is owned by her old college roommate, Phyllis Potter. Only when they got in touch for the first time in 30 years did they discover that Laurie writes books and Phyllis sells them. Also, the bookstore name ends in “haven.”

Phyllis: “There is a lovely symmetry in all this that truly tickles my (warped) sense of humor.”

Laurie: “The beginning is related to the end, people's lives diverge and converge, and suddenly it all makes sense. It's what we writers and sellers of fiction call a plot.”

not a bookshop:
Small Beer Press
Publishers of Water Logic

In 2006, when Laurie was invited to be the co-Guest of Honor with Kelly Link at Wiscon in 2007, she responded despairingly, “Is it OK if I don't have any books in print?” The previous year, when she was recovering from a serious accident, her publisher decided not to publish the rest of the Elemental Logic series, and soon she also was looking for a new agent. But, two months after that phone call, Laurie had found a new agent, Shana Cohen, and Kelly Link and Gavin Grant had decided to publish Water Logic – with a book launch party at Wiscon.

Why does Laurie recommend this not-a-bookshop?

This small press is a haven.
Order Water Logic there.