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“My writing, and my life exist in the muck of the world and in the problems thereof.” – Laurie

“My writing, and my life exist in the muck of the world and in the problems thereof.” – Laurie

Laurie's other books

At age 12 Laurie began writing her first novel in a three-ring binder. (She finished it, too, and may even still have it in the back of a closet somewhere.) For 18 years she devoted all her spare time to writing, and finally signed the publication contract for her first novel. Below you'll find summaries for Laurie's early work, prior to The Elemental Logic Series.

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Dancing Jack

Published by DAW Books, November 1993 (ISBN 0886775787).
Short-listed for the Tiptree Award.

For ten years, Ash, to the best of her knowledge the last survivor of her family, has farmed her ancestral lands, trying in vain to forget her past – a past filled with bloodshed and rebellion. But when her long-lost nephew becomes embroiled in a rebellion that can only end in violence and massacre, Ash's own long-buried secrets rise up to haunt her.

The Watcher's Mask

Published by DAW Books, August 1992 (ISBN 0886775108).

A two-souled person, Jamil the Watcher/Alasil the Executioner, has been the most loyal of the emperor's minions. But time “blackouts” – periods when neither of her personalities can account for the actions of her body – cause her to fear she is succumbing to madness. Little does she realize she is beginning a journey of self-awareness that will lead her to discover the true nature of her race, and in so doing, to overturn the destiny of her world.

Delan the Mislaid
Book 1 of The Children of the Triad series

Published by DAW Books, March 1989 (ISBN 0886773253).

To the Walkers, Delan was a monstrosity, big and clumsy with odd growths sticking out of its back. Controlled by a cruel master, a sorcerer who practices dark magic to keep Delan his slave, Delan discovers new hope when, aided by Eia the Aeyrie, it goes through a metamorphosis that transforms it into the beautiful, winged being it was always meant to be. Learning the truth of its heritage may not be enough to save Delan – and the entire Aeyrie race – from Teksan and his diabolical plans for conquest.

The Moonbane Mage
Book 2 of The Children of the Triad series

Published by DAW Books, April 1990 (ISBN 0886774152).

Formal combat was the art for which Laril lived, but now in an illegal fight-flying duel, Laril ruins the wings of a noted air dancer and is exiled. Embarking on the long and dangerous flight, Laril is caught in a terrible storm, is blown helplessly off course to an unknown land, and finds refuge with Raulyn, a powerful Aeyrie Mage. But what at first appears a wondrous haven soon becomes a frightening prison as Laril becomes an unwilling pawn in Raulyn's deadly plans for conquest – plans that, if successful, would set race against race in a devastating war of destruction.

Ara's Field
Book 3 of The Children of the Triad series

Published by DAW Books, May 1991 (ISBN 0886774799).

The Walkers ruled the land, the Aeyrie soared the skies, and the Mer reigned over the seas. But each race had much that the others desired. And only in the community of Triad had all three peoples come together in search of mutual peace and unity. But now, after years devoted to attaining this goal, Triad's dream of a better world for all the races is about to be shattered as, one after another, the high-ranking Walker and Aeyrie officials are brutally murdered. Caught in the chaos of imminent war, the citizens of Triad must discover who is playing this deadly game and somehow force them to stop – before the world erupts in a final genocidal war of species against species.

“How the Ocean Loved Margie”
(a short story)

Published by The Endicott Studio, 2003 (read it here)
and in So Fey: Queer Fairy Fiction, edited by Steve Berman, Haworth Press, available September 2007.
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Cunning-Men (a work in progress)

No publication date yet.
A true account of the Sorcerers' Insurrection of 1830.