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Water Logic

“I don't understand myself either, but I'm interested, in a benignly amused sort of way.” – Laurie

“I don't understand myself either, but I'm interested, in a benignly amused sort of way.” – Laurie

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You should have reached this results page from the profile page after taking the quiz – now you're ready to find out what your elemental profile would be if you lived in the world of Shaftal. If you haven't taken the elemental profile quiz yet, you may want to do so before reading on.

The people of Shaftal believe that the four elements are the source of a person's talent, way of thinking (logic), and personality. While it's possible for a person to be shaped exclusively by a single element, most people have a mix, or balance, of elemental influences.


Elemental logic is a metaphor, not a theory. Also, the tradition of the four elements in Shaftal is not grounded in the magical or pagan traditions of this world, and any overlapping of fictional and real-world traditions is entirely accidental. Also, the elemental profile quiz may feel a bit like a formal personality assessment, but it is offered only as a way for you to think about yourself as a person in the fictional world of Shaftal might do. If you are interested in doing an actual personality assessment, one that was developed and tested in this world for the people of this world, I suggest you try doing a Myers-Briggs personality assessment, or look into Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, both available online.


  • All “A” answers are fire logic.
  • All “B” answers are earth logic.
  • All “C” answers are water logic.
  • All “D” answers are air logic.

The higher your score in any one logic, the more heavily you are influenced by that element. What are the implications for you and your life? There are no implications. Elemental logic works only in the fantasy world of Shaftal.


If you have approximately equal mixtures of elements, you are balanced, which means you tend to be stable, adaptable, and multi-talented.

water:air · earth:air · fire:earth · fire:water

Certain mixes of elements are complementary – they work well together and enhance rather than conflict with each other.

earth:water · fire:air

People with these mixes of elements may feel like they have a split view or double personality, but bridging the incompatibility can allow them to be flexible and capable of multiple perspectives. For instance, earth:water are driven to fix things yet reluctant to take action until the long-term ramifications are known; and fire:air are passionate yet rational.


Find out more about the characteristics of each elemental logic.